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Bogalay Kyaw Hlaing
Bogalay Kyaw Hlaing      The way cloud flew in the sky was like the girl who is of tricky nature. They change color abruptly. They amass themselves and create them as a rain. It is absolutely very difficult to catch those clouds which are tricky, change nature abruptly, easily disappear and change colors all of sudden. But the one who could utterly capture that nature of clouds came into the Myanmar artistic world. He is none other than Bogalay Kyaw Hlaing (a) Cloud Kyaw Hlaing who made paintings of cloud till he was 82 years old.
     We adorably called Saya Saung who is very clever in making water color painting as Water color Pince Saya Saung. Alinga Kyaw Swar U Saw Maung who is very keen on making images of cow as Cow Saw Maung and U San Win who is very skillful in making paintings of pagodas as Pagoda San Win. U Thein Nyunt who is very skillful in painting of elephant as an elephant Thein Nyunt, U Zaw Win who is very skillful in making painting of banana as Banana Zaw Win.
     Bogalay Kyaw Hlaing is known as Cloud Kyaw Hlaing because he could made cloud painting with clear color, excellent stroke and attractive colors. He was born on 28 September 1914 in Bogalay Town, Ayeyarwaddy Division from father U San Win and mother Daw Nu. His parents are very rich in that town. His father was also very interest in painting. U Kyaw Hlaing did not interest in family business but just want to live his life as an artist. He studied art from Scout Master U Tha Tun at Aid National Middle School. At the age of 18 he studied art under U Ba Nyan together with U Ba Kyi, U Aye Maung and U Thein Han.
     He married with Daw Ngwe Sint from Bogalay at the age of 20. Their house situated beyond the river so he made many paintings of cloud which he saw through his house window. One day he made painting of shining cloud which he had seen just after raining. He placed the shining cloud at the background and at the front there are three kinds of boats. He showed that painting to art master U Ba Nyan and he remarked that it was an excellent one. U Ba Nyan passed away while he was studying under him. At that time he was back in Bogalay to make paintings. Then he traveled together with U Thein Han to the middle part of Myanmar through the river with one jetty each to make many paintings.
     He also performed as an actor together with Gita Lulin Maung Ko Ko and Bogalay Tint Aung. After war there was national painting competition and on the first day he won first prize in the still life category, on the second day he won third prize in the figure category and on the third day he won second prize in the landscape category. He was also awarded with gold prize for winning three consecutive days.
     He worked as an art instructor in Bogalay and when minister of education came to Bogalay he saw U Kyaw Hlaing and recommended to transfer to yangon to teach art. He taught art at Tarmwe School for one year and No.1 High School of San Chaung till he retired. He also made illustration together with U Ba Yin Ga Lay, U Thu Kha and U Ba Kyi at Sar Pe Beik Hman. He made monthly art article for children,too.
     He also wrote novel and his pan name was Shwe Lay Hlaing. He made many art shows at Envoy Hall in 1965, 1966 and 1967. He won first prize with his oil painting in teachers’ training school graduating ceremony. He also made posters together with U San Win, U Thein Han, U Ohn Lwin, U Herry Aung and U Nyan Shein. After he retired, he taught art at Yangon Fine art school for third year student by the request of U Thu Kha (Head Master of Yangon Fine Art School at that time). His paintings were collected from Lawkanat Art gallery, New Treasure Art Gallery and Orient Art Gallery by many art lovers. Now many of his paintings were exhibit in New Treasure Art Gallery.
     He possesses the quality of being honest; adore Myanmar culture, hard working. He supports young generation artists. He solemnly speaks but work hard. He doesn’t want fame but everyone who knows him respect him. He never shows off among the artists. He is talented with artistic mind, ideas and genes. He singed all his paintings in Myanmar language.He passed away at the age of 82 on 13th. April 1996.
     Bogalay Kyaw Hlaing spent all his life by making paintings. One painting which illustrate of one old man heading toward to the cemetery at the sunset seem to symbolize that he also was like the old man in the painting. After his dead, he leaves many things such as paint brush, canvas and paint bottles and most of them were smudged with paint. His violin was hanged down at the wall of his house like as it knew that it has no master. It is definitely sure that he will happy in the cloud and continued painting of clouds till now.
     (I, Hnin Na Di & Yadanapura Art Galleries acknowledged New Treasure Art Gallery for photos of Bogalay Kyaw Hlaing’s Paintings for this article.)Ref; Ah Hla Pyin Nyar Magazine and talk with artist Bogalay Kyaw Hlaing before he died.
Hnin Na Di
Submitted Date : 4/22/2006 3:21:37 AM